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I'm here inquiring for my friend. She's an international student who has wanted to go to Dartmouth all her life and upon her high school graduation (2004) decided to spend a year in Israel doing volunteer work. During that year some medical problems came up and she had to come home and go through various test and surgery, etc. She's well now, but I mean now--doctors gave her a clean bill of health last week, and now, she's pretty much stuck. Too late for college registration, but she's worried, as she's already two years behind, and obviously frustrated, as she just wants to be at Dartmouth already! Enough with the novel, here's the real question: together we've been able to find a small, relatively unknown, and Canadian school, that has agreed to consider her application for Fall 2006. (It's a good school, mind you--but it is quite small and unknown). Her other option is to take on another year of volunteering and apply ED this November. Her basic question is, what would give her a better shot of getting in? Applying as a first year student at the age of 20 after doing massive amounts of volunteer work, or going to school wherever she can now and transferring for Fall 2007? I'm asking all around LJ for her and I thought maybe actual Darthmouthians would know to answer, knowing school preferences and administration and all. I should add that she has scored VERY well on her SATs and has a good GPA with a wonderful profile of extracurricular activities.

I know she'd greatly appreciate an answer--she thanks you in advance and so do I.

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