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Wow. Ahem. So, the early SAT reports for the June test just came online and...well, let's say my results were a little lopsided.

I was aiming for at least a 1300, which I exceeded, but my math and reading scores were extremely different.

Here's how it's looking:

Writing: 600 (I'm just not going to bother with that, so scores are comparable to the old test.)
Math: 600 (73%)
Critical Reading: 740 (98%)

Which gives me a decidedly respectable score of 1340. But isn't it going to look really bad for me to score so low in math? Of course, looking at my records it's clear that math is not my strong suit, since that's the only subject I've ever garnered less than an A in, and one of my math teachers actually offered to write me a rec because he was so impressed with how hard I worked to get my grade up in Honors Pre-Cal to a B+.

I also took the ACT, but haven't gotten those scores yet, though I'm fairly sure I did better on the writing and math on the ACT.

ACT Composite: 31 (98%)
English: 34 (99%)
Mathematics: 29 (95%)
Reading: 33 (97%)
Science: 27 (93%)
Combined English/Writing: 34
Essay: 11 (of 12)

I'm also worried about the fact that I if I'm going to retake my SATS, I'll have to take my SAT II tests after I've already turned in my ED app.

Any opinions?

Kelli ('11 Prospie)
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