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The Big Green

Dartmouth Alums, Students, and Prospectives

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Welcome to the Dartmouth community at LiveJournal! I'm your maintainer, padraiceen, Class of 2001. I created this community with the intent that it be a place for alumni and current students to gather and discuss the school, as well as for curious prospective students to get information about the College on the Hill.

Membership is completely open, and I don't really have any rules except that people really should be nice to each other (except to spammers and the like. Flame them into oblivion). Other than that, use your own judgment. Please don't advertise communities that have little or nothing to do with Dartmouth: posts of that nature will be deleted and the user will be warned.

For more general information, visit Dartmouth's web page, as linked above.

This community is completely unofficial and is not affiliated with or subsidized by Dartmouth College in any way, just in case they ask.