Posted at 9:11pm on Monday, September 8th, 2008

I know this is a stretch, but may as well ask here.

I'm a Dartmouth exchange student who is looking for housing in NYC from mid-September to mid-October for my internship (have a housing opportunity for the rest of the term, but if the offer is good and staying longer is preferred, I could stay until mid-December). Do any students or alums have or know of anyone who can sublet their housing for this period of time? If you do, I'd really appreciate if you could comment here or send me a message! References would be good too, if possible.

If you have any suggestions for finding housing, I'd appreciate that too! I have tried Craigslist and corporate/temp housing places, but have had little luck finding anything at this short notice for this period of time.



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Posted at 9:19pm on Saturday, March 15th, 2008

I was recently admitted to Dartmouth College, and I would love to hear from some current/former students. Have any of you taken language courses? How are they? How about history? How did you like the quarter system? Study abroad?

I'm so excited about this! Thanks to all who respond -- and shall we be friends?


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Posted at 4:08pm on Friday, January 11th, 2008

I need to find a veterinarian/animal hospital in or around Hanover who can accept my cat as a patient for the next six months. Does anyone have recommendations?


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Admissions Essay
Posted at 4:55pm on Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Hi Dartmouthians,

I am looking into Dartmouth's MAL program and would really love to see examples of admissions essays that got you accepted. Most of my writing is MFA-bent, so lots of personal statements, etc. I'm really curious to see how the admissions essay is different in regards to context and length.

Is anyone willing to share one? I will leave my email address in comments if so.



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Propsective Dartmouth grad student
Posted at 3:55pm on Saturday, July 28th, 2007
Mood: curious

Hello everyone :)

I'm hoping to apply to Dartmouth for the MALS. I have a question about public transportation. I'm English and don't drive so will be flying into Boston and then getting the greyhound into Hanover. I've read in a previous post it's easy to get from the Greyhound stop onto campus, my question is how accessible is Hanover without a car? Can I easily get into Hanover if I needed to buy groceries etc?

Thanks :)


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Dartmouth '11 community
Posted at 12:08pm on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
Mood: dorky

I haven't seen many '11s around, but since the '09s and '10s have their own communities, we obviously need one too. Here it is:


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Posted at 4:12pm on Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew of any driver's ed courses in the area? I'm here for the summer and I want to learn how to drive. Anyone have any experience with the programs?


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Posted at 9:01am on Friday, June 1st, 2007

I'm planning to take the Greyhound from NYC to Hanover and i'm not sure what the deal is about getting to the campus from the bus station. How does this work?


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Posted at 1:25am on Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Hi, I'm not a student at Dartmouth but I'm considering whether or not I should do summer research there.
I got accepted into the nanomaterials research lab (it's an Research Experience for Undergrads program) and I don't know if I should do it.

Is Dartmouth really that rural? What is there to do?

I'd be coming up from NYC...does anyone know how long it takes and whether only a bus reaches up there?

What does everyone think of French dormitory? bad dorm...good dorm...bathroom situation?
How's the food?

What's the reputation of the Nanomaterials research lab if you happen to know? I'm studying with Ian Baker if anyone knows anything about him...

Sorry I have a lot of questions. It kinda sucks cause I have to inform them by tomorrow (or rather later today) of my decision and I won't be hearing from my other programs for another week or so.

Actually, is anyone a Chem major here? I'm studying chemistry and I've never done research before so I figured I'd apply for REU programs just to get a little exposure. but i don't know if nanomaterials research is a good idea especially since it's engineering specifically...blahh

any advice would be much appreciated. THANKS!!


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Sublet/roommate wanted
Posted at 11:31pm on Monday, November 13th, 2006

Hi everyone, I'm not actually a Dartmouth student, but I'm looking for a place to live in the Dartmouth area from some time in December until the end of July or beginning of August. If anyone needs a roommate or is going abroad for next semester and needs a subletter, please let me know! My email is


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Posted at 6:03am on Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Hey guys!

What blogs are you guys reading to keep up on the elections?

(if you have any other interesting "bookmarkable" blogs on random interesting stuff, share them...will ya :) ?


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Posted at 3:35am on Monday, June 26th, 2006
Mood: nervous

Wow. Ahem. So, the early SAT reports for the June test just came online and...well, let's say my results were a little lopsided.

I was aiming for at least a 1300, which I exceeded, but my math and reading scores were extremely different.

Here's how it's looking:

Writing: 600 (I'm just not going to bother with that, so scores are comparable to the old test.)
Math: 600 (73%)
Critical Reading: 740 (98%)

Which gives me a decidedly respectable score of 1340. But isn't it going to look really bad for me to score so low in math? Of course, looking at my records it's clear that math is not my strong suit, since that's the only subject I've ever garnered less than an A in, and one of my math teachers actually offered to write me a rec because he was so impressed with how hard I worked to get my grade up in Honors Pre-Cal to a B+.

I also took the ACT, but haven't gotten those scores yet, though I'm fairly sure I did better on the writing and math on the ACT.

ACT Composite: 31 (98%)
English: 34 (99%)
Mathematics: 29 (95%)
Reading: 33 (97%)
Science: 27 (93%)
Combined English/Writing: 34
Essay: 11 (of 12)

I'm also worried about the fact that I if I'm going to retake my SATS, I'll have to take my SAT II tests after I've already turned in my ED app.

Any opinions?

Kelli ('11 Prospie)


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dumb question
Posted at 3:28pm on Monday, June 12th, 2006
Mood: confused

About Dartmouth email adresses (and yes, I know this was discussed just a few pages back)...

I know it's only june, but should new student email accounts be set up already? because I tried the whole first name DOT middle initial DOT last name thing with the last 8 digits of my social, and it didn't work. So... I'm probably just being overeager, but I want to update my facebook :(


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Posted at 9:18pm on Sunday, May 28th, 2006

I've gone back about a million entries trying to see if my question has been answered, already, but I haven't seen it yet so I'll just ask.

How important is the interview?

And by that I mean: is having an interview important, as well as is it better to have an alumni or an actual admissions interview?

Since I live in Idaho, there isn't exactly a nearby alumni chapter, so I'd have to be traveling fairly far to even have an alumni interview. Would it just be better to pay to fly to NH this summer for an interview? I know most people say you should go to the campus and stay the night, anyway, but I'm already positive Dartmouth's the school for me, so...

Should I shell out the big bucks to fly if I really want to get in?

And, if so, anybody have some tips for the interview?

Thanks, Kelli


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Prospective Student...
Posted at 1:14am on Saturday, May 27th, 2006
Mood: nervous

Hi, the name's Kelli and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with an admissions question.

@ the moment (we haven't taken all of our finals yet) I have a 3.979 GPA, and will have it back above a 4.0 after this semester. Even if I totally bomb next year, in all likelihood I will graduate as Valedictorian.

Although I live in Idaho, I'm in a relatively large school (over 2,000 kids, with around 600 in my class), and stay actively involved.

Some of my activities include: two varsity choirs, Student Council, National Honors Society Representative, Varsity Golf Team, and church volunteering.

I've taken, basically, the hardest course load possible at my high school, and will be taking four AP classes next year, along with Student Council, my choirs, and an intensive writing course. I'm good with essays, and so I'm not terribly worried about that part of my application. Dartmouth is definitely my first choice (I've had my heart set on attending Big Green for a few years now), and I plan on applying early decision.

Do you think I'll need to ace my standardized tests to get in, or are my chances right now decent? I still have another opportunity to take them (I'll be taking the SAT and the ACT in the coming week) in the fall, as well as my subject tests. Does anyone have any recommendations for padding my application, or do I just need to cross my fingers and hope for the best?


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Posted at 10:06pm on Friday, May 26th, 2006


I'm here inquiring for my friend. She's an international student who has wanted to go to Dartmouth all her life and upon her high school graduation (2004) decided to spend a year in Israel doing volunteer work. During that year some medical problems came up and she had to come home and go through various test and surgery, etc. She's well now, but I mean now--doctors gave her a clean bill of health last week, and now, she's pretty much stuck. Too late for college registration, but she's worried, as she's already two years behind, and obviously frustrated, as she just wants to be at Dartmouth already! Enough with the novel, here's the real question: together we've been able to find a small, relatively unknown, and Canadian school, that has agreed to consider her application for Fall 2006. (It's a good school, mind you--but it is quite small and unknown). Her other option is to take on another year of volunteering and apply ED this November. Her basic question is, what would give her a better shot of getting in? Applying as a first year student at the age of 20 after doing massive amounts of volunteer work, or going to school wherever she can now and transferring for Fall 2007? I'm asking all around LJ for her and I thought maybe actual Darthmouthians would know to answer, knowing school preferences and administration and all. I should add that she has scored VERY well on her SATs and has a good GPA with a wonderful profile of extracurricular activities.

I know she'd greatly appreciate an answer--she thanks you in advance and so do I.



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Posted at 11:45pm on Thursday, May 11th, 2006

alright, so i was originally planning on spending my junior year at Dartmouth through the 12 College Exchange, but I've had a change in plans and I'm going abroad in the fall, but I still want to go to Dartmouth for a while, so I was wondering how difficult it would be socially to just be there for two trimesters, especially if i wasn't there for the fall? I know that Dartmouth has a great inclusive community feel, but how easy is it for someone new to feel at home in such a community?
Thanks so much for your help!


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Posted at 7:37am on Saturday, May 6th, 2006

Out of random curiousity, does anyone take Arabic? Do you know what book is used in Arabic I? I took Arabic I at the University of Pittsburgh last year, and I'm just wondering how it's going to compare to Arabic I at Dartmouth. Obviously, I'll be retaking, as we learned how to write and read, but not really how to speak.


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Transfers =)
Posted at 5:39pm on Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Hi! I'm another transfer applicant who just got her acceptance letter to Dartmouth this afternoon-- right after an organic chemistry exam, so good timing too. =)

I will be a junior this Fall at Dartmouth and some sort of chem or biochem major. What are the departments like? I've been doing research since last summer, and I hope to continue that at Dartmouth. What are the research opportunities like in the chemistry/biology departments? Any other things I should know? =)

Also, on an entirely different note, is there an early music ensemble? I play treble and tenor viola da gamba, so I was wondering if there was some sort of Renaissance music group at Dartmouth.



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accepted transfer
Posted at 5:06pm on Thursday, May 4th, 2006
Mood: excited

Hi all,

I was just accepted to Dartmouth as a transfer student! I currently am a freshman at Cornell.

I just have one question: does anyone take Japanese at Dartmouth? How is the Japanese program?

Cornell has a reeeally intensive, amazing Japanese program, but I assume Dartmouth's is good as well, but I'd like someone to tell me from firsthand experience.

Thanks!!! I will more than likely be coming to Dartmouth next year. I'm really excited about it!


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Amex Clip Contest by Dartmouth alum.
Posted at 10:31am on Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

Please vote for this! Thanks.

1. because it's pretty funny, and a lot better than the other clips
2. so that poor student artists can win an iPod.
3. so that maybe, just maybe, this will confuse / piss off / disgust and delight Martin Scorsese and M. Night Shyaya-whatever, whom I don't care for anyway. They will be the final judges, and you know there's not much middle ground with these two. So yes! VOTE FOR IT!!

What it actually is: A clip made by my friends for the American Express 15 seconds my life my card contest. It is currently among the editor's top picks. It's about pirates!

Click here to view!

Thanks!!! And if you enjoy it, spread the word!

PS: The heading for this entry was used to describe the McGriddle Sandwich from McDonald's. Don't ask.


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Greenprint etiquette
Posted at 10:14am on Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
Mood: kill... kill...

It's 10 minutes before a class
2 of the 4 computers in the Baker LL station don't send to Greenprint
There're lines forming for the blitz and print terminals

My situation
Need to print a 2-page paper
Need to get to class at the Hop

What should not be happening
1) One person taking up three printers at once and laughing it off to a friend within earshot of about ten people who were already pissed-off at you
2) Given a sports team, 3-course load, average sorority, and standard complement of friends: checking what must be at least a half-day's worth of blitz (really slowly, using hunt-and-peck) at one of the two viable computer terminals
3) I end up late for class, with a paper crumpled in my hands because of the fresh print, humidity outside, and the vice grip of a man running full-speed to class

Those of you who know me know that I always keep my temper quiet, and it takes a really special kind of person (or two) to really get to me. I wanted to deafen the dumb chick at the blitz terminal and kick the asshole at the printer in the balls.

If there's *anything* Dartmouth should have taught you, and I know at least one of you is an upperclassman, it's to be respectful, if not mindful, of the people around you.


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Posted at 5:47pm on Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Any idea how the '10s can activate their e-mail? I mean, let's face it, we're all dying for that facebook.


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Posted at 1:32am on Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

i sent in my deposit so it's official now! i'm a 2010!

unfortunately i can't go to dimensions- i hope everyone has a great time.
see you in the fall. :)


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Prospective Student
Posted at 8:39pm on Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Hello all! I'm considering attending Dartmouth and I'll be up for Dimensions '10 next weekend. I'm wondering what everyone's favorite thing about Dartmouth is?



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