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Greenprint etiquette

It's 10 minutes before a class
2 of the 4 computers in the Baker LL station don't send to Greenprint
There're lines forming for the blitz and print terminals

My situation
Need to print a 2-page paper
Need to get to class at the Hop

What should not be happening
1) One person taking up three printers at once and laughing it off to a friend within earshot of about ten people who were already pissed-off at you
2) Given a sports team, 3-course load, average sorority, and standard complement of friends: checking what must be at least a half-day's worth of blitz (really slowly, using hunt-and-peck) at one of the two viable computer terminals
3) I end up late for class, with a paper crumpled in my hands because of the fresh print, humidity outside, and the vice grip of a man running full-speed to class

Those of you who know me know that I always keep my temper quiet, and it takes a really special kind of person (or two) to really get to me. I wanted to deafen the dumb chick at the blitz terminal and kick the asshole at the printer in the balls.

If there's *anything* Dartmouth should have taught you, and I know at least one of you is an upperclassman, it's to be respectful, if not mindful, of the people around you.
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