black fury princess (llargh) wrote in dartmouth,
black fury princess

Amex Clip Contest by Dartmouth alum.

Please vote for this! Thanks.

1. because it's pretty funny, and a lot better than the other clips
2. so that poor student artists can win an iPod.
3. so that maybe, just maybe, this will confuse / piss off / disgust and delight Martin Scorsese and M. Night Shyaya-whatever, whom I don't care for anyway. They will be the final judges, and you know there's not much middle ground with these two. So yes! VOTE FOR IT!!

What it actually is: A clip made by my friends for the American Express 15 seconds my life my card contest. It is currently among the editor's top picks. It's about pirates!

Click here to view!

Thanks!!! And if you enjoy it, spread the word!

PS: The heading for this entry was used to describe the McGriddle Sandwich from McDonald's. Don't ask.
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