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Hi, the name's Kelli and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with an admissions question.

@ the moment (we haven't taken all of our finals yet) I have a 3.979 GPA, and will have it back above a 4.0 after this semester. Even if I totally bomb next year, in all likelihood I will graduate as Valedictorian.

Although I live in Idaho, I'm in a relatively large school (over 2,000 kids, with around 600 in my class), and stay actively involved.

Some of my activities include: two varsity choirs, Student Council, National Honors Society Representative, Varsity Golf Team, and church volunteering.

I've taken, basically, the hardest course load possible at my high school, and will be taking four AP classes next year, along with Student Council, my choirs, and an intensive writing course. I'm good with essays, and so I'm not terribly worried about that part of my application. Dartmouth is definitely my first choice (I've had my heart set on attending Big Green for a few years now), and I plan on applying early decision.

Do you think I'll need to ace my standardized tests to get in, or are my chances right now decent? I still have another opportunity to take them (I'll be taking the SAT and the ACT in the coming week) in the fall, as well as my subject tests. Does anyone have any recommendations for padding my application, or do I just need to cross my fingers and hope for the best?
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