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dumb question

About Dartmouth email adresses (and yes, I know this was discussed just a few pages back)...

I know it's only june, but should new student email accounts be set up already? because I tried the whole first name DOT middle initial DOT last name thing with the last 8 digits of my social, and it didn't work. So... I'm probably just being overeager, but I want to update my facebook :(
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I'm not sure if the '10 accounts are in the system at all yet. Maybe try looking yourself up in the directory?
I'm actually a transfer student, but yeah, I wasn't in there, so maybe they haven't been input, which is what I suspected.

Thanks though
ah sorry i just assumed you were a '10. >.
haha, it's totally fine, I wasn't specific or anything when I said "new student" :)
bah humbug! i'm a '10 and not in the system, either. i too need my address for facebook! hey lauren!
I got mine to work several weeks ago. I'm not sure why yours doesn't work. =/ I wanted mine to work for the same reason as you-- Facebook. =D

I had some problems with the email, but I think it was facebook-related and not Dartmouth-related.
argh, really??????

I'm telling you, whenever something can go wrong in my life, it does. and computers? they NEVER work for me. I'm going to try it one last time before I call them, because I want Dartmouth facebook :(
no way! how?!?
A current student was trying to email me and said that my name showed up in the DND, which meant that I had an email account, so I logged in with my username and the last 8 digits of my SSN. It worked fine, so I'm afraid I don't know what to tell you. =/
what would my username be? i have a middle name and a hyphenated last name. what's the dnd? where did you log in?
DND = Dartmouth Name Directory. Look on the Dartmouth website for it.

You can try logging into a web-version of Blitz at

I think the username is FirstName.MiddleInitial.LastName (and I assume the hyphen would be included but I don't know for sure).

Also, since you're a '10, you just might not be on the system yet...
yours is working already because you're doing the summer there, I think, since you're an incoming junior...


11 years ago


11 years ago

I was told that students starting in the fall won't have their email accounts set up until two weeks from now, so don't bother with the blitzmail site until then
I need my email by July, when my other college email account (I took a class in the fall) is shut-off. If it's not set up yet...I might jsut have to get a hotmail/gmail account. Facebook would be nice, too, of course.
gmail is superior! would you like an invite?