A Whole Lot of Something Alright... (blachemeil) wrote in dartmouth,
A Whole Lot of Something Alright...


Hi, I'm not a student at Dartmouth but I'm considering whether or not I should do summer research there.
I got accepted into the nanomaterials research lab (it's an Research Experience for Undergrads program) and I don't know if I should do it.

Is Dartmouth really that rural? What is there to do?

I'd be coming up from NYC...does anyone know how long it takes and whether only a bus reaches up there?

What does everyone think of French dormitory? bad dorm...good dorm...bathroom situation?
How's the food?

What's the reputation of the Nanomaterials research lab if you happen to know? I'm studying with Ian Baker if anyone knows anything about him...

Sorry I have a lot of questions. It kinda sucks cause I have to inform them by tomorrow (or rather later today) of my decision and I won't be hearing from my other programs for another week or so.

Actually, is anyone a Chem major here? I'm studying chemistry and I've never done research before so I figured I'd apply for REU programs just to get a little exposure. but i don't know if nanomaterials research is a good idea especially since it's engineering specifically...blahh

any advice would be much appreciated. THANKS!!
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