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I was recently admitted to Dartmouth College, and I would love to hear from some current/former students. Have any of you taken language courses? How are they? How about history? How did you like the quarter system? Study abroad?

I'm so excited about this! Thanks to all who respond -- and shall we be friends?
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Thanks for the response!

To expand on my current college situation: I got a likely letter from Dartmouth on Thursday. The rest of my schools send decisions out March 31. Dartmouth is at the top of my list, but Brown and Yale are also jumbled in there. This brings me to another question: what made you choose Dartmouth over other colleges? For me, it would be the campus and the sense of unity, haha. Are you confident that Dartmouth ended up being your best fit? Why?

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I like Brown's pass/fail system and its Middle Eastern Studies program. However, Dartmouth has a much better campus.

Yale's campus is just as lovely as Dartmouth's, I think. Another great history program, as well.

But really, who knows! As long as I get good history and language programs, I'll be all set. Thanks again for the input...I really find the no TA thing appealing.
Dartmouth is an awesome place to go to college. I've now taken Latin and Spanish at Dartmouth, both of which were pretty awesome. I'm going to Buenos Aires next term for the Spanish FSP (read: next week), so that should be pretty awesome. I've heard it's a great time, but I can't yet tell you from experience. The history department here is top notch. They operate a foreign study program in London, and the professors are really top notch. take upper level classes when you can: they're a lot of work but very rewarding.

Hey.. I went on that FSP during my soph. spring (2 yrs ago, crazy). Are you guys still taking classes at UADE?

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Yeah, I think we're still taking classes at UADE. I've never been abroad, so it should be interesting. How'd you like the FSP?
Hey! Congrats! I actually haven't taken a language or history class here at Dartmouth, but I have heard nothing but good things. I have studied abroad on the English program to Glasgow, Scotland, and was accepted to study economics in Milan but I declined that after a lot of consideration. I think the study abroad programs are really terrific here, and a great experience not to be missed.

The quarter system is actually pretty great, but as someone else mentioned, you don't really have breaks at the same time as other schools, so that gets weird, plus it's confusing to have to explain the D Plan to other people. However, it is extremely useful once you get the hang of it. I took my term off to do a law internship in Latin America. I like taking three classes for nine week terms; it can get fast and furious, but it's worth it.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your decision!
The History Department. I'm a history major and in my experience, the professors I've had or have talked to are really interesting, nice, and are mind-blowingly knowledgeable about their area of interest. The class size tend to be really small which is great and it also means it's easy to get into any class (but I haven't had any problems with that in the first place at Dartmouth, more so if you plan on taking a lot of gov classes.) I also think the classes are really accessible for people who aren't history majors. Honestly, I have to confess that I'm not the biggest fan of Dartmouth ever, but the history department can really make it worth it in ways for me.
As other people have said, the quarter system is both nice, but crazy and stressful. Though being at Dartmouth means I haven't experienced the semester system so it's hard to judge.
Languages are generally good. For beginning languages, you have normal class and then generally 50 minutes of drill 4 days a week, where a student who is advanced or fluent in the language will drill you on speaking and pronunciation. Right now I'm taking Arabic and I'm not really confident that I'll feel okay in it by the time I'm done, but I think that's something hard to expect without experiencing some immersion, which I am going to try to do over one of my off terms.
Study Abroad. I am going on the history program in the fall to London. I am really excited. I have had friends go to Morocco, Russia, and New Zealand, off the top of my head and those friends all had good experiences. A lot of the programs are language study abroad (LSA) and I personally am a little wary of going on a LSA I think that would be a lot less beneficial in learning the language than going by yourself, but I think it also can be really emotionally important because if you haven't dealt with the culture shock (that even moving to Hanover/New England was for me), it can be really hard by yourself. So I have mixed feeling about that, but I think depending on the program and your own will, it can be really great. And despite that, your languages skills are also going to get a lot better on a language program.
Thank you for the information! It's very promising to hear about the history department.

I want to take Arabic as well! Awesome. How're you doing in the class?

In general, do professors help struggling students or is it survival of the fittest? Do you know many people who receive Cs or worse in classes? (Just wondering, I'm clearly expecting a challenge.)
That's great that you're interested in Arabic. I'm doing pretty well in the class. I like the language a lot.
Professors definitely try to help you if you go to them and let them know you are really trying. They want you to succeed just as much as you do.